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Kids in Preschool

The best place for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 teachers!

Your Phonics Resource Center
Parents & teachers, finding quality resources to help your children learn to read can be stressful!  Let Phonics Garden melt your stress away.  Phonics Garden is a one-stop phonics platform.

  • Over 25,000 Phonics Worksheets

  • 100s of Streaming Videos and Songs

  • 100s of Leveled Readers

  • 40 systematic decodable phonics readers.

Frustration-Free Phonics

An explicit systematic

decodable phonics program.

Teach kids to Read

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Download your free book right now. 


Your child will love reading Rick's Red Rag.

Stay in the loop with the latest news and insights about reading, phonics, and your child's development.


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All Inclusive Membership

Unlimited  Downloads  and  Streams  of  EVERYTHING

  • Over 25,000 Phonics Worksheets

  • 100s of Streaming Videos and Songs

  • 100s of Leveled Readers

  • 40 systematic decodable phonics readers.

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Decodable Readers            Video Library               Worksheet Station
Storytime Crafts           Leveled Readers  

Don't want everything?
Have a look at our a-la-carte memberships!

Worksheet Station


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Over 25,000 phonics worksheets and activities to choose from.

Worksheets Included:

  • A to Z       

  • CVC    

  • Digraphs

  • Blends  


  • MAGIC-E  




  • CUT & PASTE        





Decodable Readers


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An exciting 40-book decodable systematic phonics series. 

Membership Includes:

  • 40 PDF Downloadable Readers

  • Quiz for Each Book


  • 40 Read-Aloud VIDEOS (streaming)

  • 40 Sight Word VIDEOS (streaming)


Get the complete systematic decodable reading series with streaming videos

Storytime CRAFTS


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A growing library of over 80 crafts matching some of your favorite children's picture books. 

Here are 6 important areas of child development that you can help your kids practice by doing art and crafts

1. Motor Skills Development

2. Reading Comprehension

3. Vocabulary Development

4. Enhances Creativity

5. Improved Self-Esteem

6. Improved Communication Skills

Leveled Readers


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150 PDF Downloadable

Leveled Reading Coloring Books

The perfect supplemental resources for your science, social studies, character education, and language arts classes. 

Organized in 3 levels (aa, a, b) of complexity, our leveled readers are just what you have been looking for to assist in your teaching journey.   Phonics Garden leveled readers are designed for kids aged 4 through 7 and range from emergent readers, with short, simple words and sentences and accompanying pictures, to longer books for novice readers with more advanced text and varying sentence structure.

Get Your Child Reading

With Decodable Phonics Readers

An exciting 40-book decodable phonics series within a complete learning system is the key to help your child become a successful, fluent reader.

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+ 40 Decodable Readers

+ 40 Quizzes

+ Over 1000 Supplemental WORKSHEETS

Trying to use a reading program that doesn't meet the needs of your child

✔ Being overwhelmed by the overabundance of reading programs to choose from 

✔ Spending way too much on phonics materials and online programs only to find out they're not a good fit for your child

Your child feeling defeated and left out because they want to read but they just don't get it


How it Works


Choose a Membership Plan

Three affordable plans to choose from. Just select and make your payment. 

Not sure if you want to become a member? Buy the 40-Book Phonics Garden Reading System now - no membership required!


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Let the Reading Begin!

Follow along with all the interactive fun as Mr. Flows helps your child learn to read!

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Kids Doing Homework


Renea Johnson

International School Primary Teacher

"The Phonics Garden reading book stories have been a key foundational support system for me in my classroom with my kindergarten students. The kids love the stories, the creative and fun characters, and find the sequential and systematic advancement easy to grasp. As a teacher, I have not found a program that has consistently helped my students become fluent readers more than the Phonics Garden reading series."

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