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An exciting 40-book decodable phonics series within a complete learning system is the key to help your child become a successful, fluent reader.

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Parents & teachers, you have enough stress.

Finding quality resources to help your child or student learn to read should not be one of them.

With Phonics Garden, never worry again about

Trying to use a reading program that doesn't meet the needs of your child

Being overwhelmed by the overabundance of reading programs to choose from 

Spending way too much on phonics materials and online programs only to find out they're not a good fit for your child

Your child feeling defeated and left out because they want to read but they just don't get it

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Imagine what it will be like to see your child become a successful, fluent reader.

Buy the 40-Book Phonics Garden Reading System now and let the reading begin!

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Your child will love reading Rick's Red Rag, plus you also get Vocabulary in Motion!

Stay in the loop with the latest news and insights about reading, phonics, and your child's development.


Phonics Garden is a proven systematic reading program that walks your child through a specialized 40 book reading program. We use a variety of educational theories while always keeping your child’s best interest in mind and allowing for interactive, experiential learning. 

More than 8,000 students, including first and second-language speakers of English, have successfully completed our 40 book Phonics Garden Reading system with glowing results!

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Follow along with all the interactive fun as Mr. Flows helps your child learn to read!

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Renea Johnson

International School Primary Teacher

"The Phonics Garden reading book stories have been a key foundational support system for me in my classroom with my kindergarten students. The kids love the stories, the creative and fun characters, and find the sequential and systematic advancement easy to grasp. As a teacher, I have not found a program that has consistently helped my students become fluent readers more than the Phonics Garden reading series."

The Future of Education

Mr. Flows knows all about teaching and learning! For over 15 years he has traveled 4 continents teaching children from over 42 different countries. Now, his live streaming prerecorded lessons and live online lessons are available to the world! 


At Phonics Garden Live Online, we’re proud to provide a nurturing, stimulating, and welcoming online learning environment for all children.

Our unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interest in mind and allowing for interactive, experiential learning.

Don't spend one more day feeling unsure about how to help your child.

Be confident about choosing Phonics Garden to get your child reading.