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Phonics Garden Decodable Readers MEGA BUNDLE
This Mega Bundle Includes
  • 40 Decodable Systematic Readers +
  • 40 Quizzes +
  • 1000+ Supplemental Worksheets matching each book
Phonics Garden is a unique early years DECODABLE PHONICS reading and vocabulary program, adapted and written to increase children’s phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, sight word retention, vocabulary and fluency.   With this program students can enhance their phonological awareness, sound-spelling, maintenance blending, words within a sentence, rhyming units within words, beginning and ending sounds, syllables within words, and biological phoneme features: how the mouth, tongue, vocal cords, and teeth work together to produce sound.    Get the BEST systematic phonics series available today!  Phonics Garden Decodable Readers! 
Systematic and Explicit Book List


1.  Sam and Sas (Letter Ss)
2.  Nas, Sas, and Sam (Letter Aa)
3.  Nas, Sas, Sam, and a Pig in a Pan (Letter Pp)
4.  A Nap for Nas and Sas (Letter Nn)
5.  Mom and Pam at the Dam (Letter Pp)
6.  The Pot and the Tot (Letter Oo)
7.  Tat-a-Tat-Tap (Letter Tt)
8.  Pop and the Tot (Word Family OP/OT)
9.  Doo Doo Dan and Don the Cop (Letter Dd)
10.  Nan the Gnat and Matt the Bat (Word Fmaily AN/AT)
11.  The Ten Men (Letter Ee)
12.  The Cats and the Cod (Letter Cc)
13.  Pass to Hap (Letter Hh)
14.  The Hen and the Pen (Word Family EN/ET)
15.  Go Go Gepp (Letter Gg)
16.  Ipp, Igg, and the Pig (Letter Ii)
17.  Cad can Tap, Tag, and Bag (Word Family AP/AD/AG)
18.  Fid, Fin, and the Fish (Letter Ff)
19.  Kit, Fin, and Min (Word Family IT/IN)
20.  Bip Bug Bus (Letter Bb)
21.  Rick's Red Rag (Letter Rr)
22.  Kak-a-Rak-Roo (Letter Kk)
23.  Jam-a-Ram-Jim-Jam (Letter Jj)
24.  Mutt and Pup (Letter Uu)
25.  Kip and Tig (Word Family IP/IG)
26.  Pug and Bug (Word Family UT/UN/UG)
27.  Lip Lip Liz (Letter Ll)
28.  Sid, Tim, and Bill Go Up the Hill (Word Family ID/IM/ILL)
29.  Gus the Walrus (Letter Ww)
30.  Cub and Pup (Word Family UM/UD/UP/UB)
31.  Yum Yum Yellow Gum (Letter Yy)
32.  Quinn the Quitter (Letter Qq)
33.  Vin the Vet and Viper Val (Letter Vv)
34.  Bob, Tod, and the Dogs (Word Family OD/OB/OG)
35.  Yix and Vix (Letter Xx)
36.  Zip the Zigzag Zebra (Letter Zz)
37.  The Egg-Ell-Begs (Word Family ED/EG/ELL/EM)
38.  Baby Big at School (School Vocabulary Review)
39.  A Bash for Hipp (Home Vocabulary Review)
40.  Canny's Robot (My Body Vocabulary Review)
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Decodable Readers | MEGA BUNDLE | Phonics Garden

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