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When you travel to the grocery store, it's always nice to have a helper to tap, tag, and bag your items.  In decodable book 16, Cad Can Tap, Tag, and Bag,  Cad is a grocery store employee that helps young Pam to get her groceries back to her home.  But during the work, something goes terribly wrong.  Find out if Cad can find solutions for Pam's shopping misadventure.  Students develop comprehension of six new sight words in addition to the reviewed words from the previous books.  Focus word families /ap/ /ag/ /ad/ and CVC words.


Sight Words:  

  1. thank
  2. you
  3. also
  4. six
  5. it
  6. under
  7. over
  8. after
  9. there

Decodable 16: Cad Can Tap, Tag, and Bag

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