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Teach Phonics to Your Preschooler: A Step-by-Step Plan

1. Start with phonemic awareness

‘Best english games for phoneme awareness’ or similar have children learn to notice individual speech sounds (phonemes) in spoken words, instead of letter symbols. After children learn to pick out phonemes, they are ready for the fundamentals of phonics.

2. Introduce letters and sounds

This is when children begin to learn the names for the letters. Your preschooler already knows about the phonemes, so being able to match these to the corresponding symbol helps confirm the skill in learning the names of letters and the initial sounds of the spoken words. Use of flashcards and sand letters help to create multiple learning avenues – audio, visual and sensory memory – all of which enable better retention.

3. Use the knowledge of phonics to build words

At this stage, children can learn to segment the speech sounds of words and map them to letter symbols in an ordered manner: provide children with online phonics activities or storybooks that contain the corresponding multiple letter-sound combinations.

4. Help kids use the knowledge of phonics to decode new words

Once they’ve learned how words are formed, preschoolers are ready to tackle bigger challenges such as phonics decoding of unknown words. analogy-based learning can help children appreciate the sound-and-spelling patterns other words with the same ending follow.

5. Instill a love for reading

Here you can encourage your preschooler to read independently. Show him or her a book with a plot he or she knows well, or simple books with clear sentences. Once they get used to reading on their own, then you can gradually increase the difficulty level. For example, you can expose your child to different kinds of literature, such as comic books and magazines.

That is to say, your preschooler will be a reader/writer pro in no time. You just need some kid-fun experiences and some patience.

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