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Pronunciation of Words: 5 Tips to start your kids on the correct path to reading and speaking

While some children will need regular practice reading , others can be taught to read aloud certain words accurately if given explicit instructions by parent. In the paragraphs below, we list 5 important precautions you can adopt which are sure to make your child pronounce words precisely.

Explain how to decode words

You’ll be wise to force your little tot to ‘sound out’ an unfamiliar word by dividing it up into little chunks. Show him how to discern the words’ phonemes. There are 44 of them in English. And also how to say each new word as you teach him what it means so that he can know which words are ‘irregular’ by sight alone.

Teach how to blend sounds

Blending is a very important skill to learn because you have to do it in order to read well. Basically, blending means combining the sounds in a word together.

Write it down

Consider the following while teaching your child how to pronounce words:

pronounce slowly

hold the sound

follow with your fingure

dot-a-word reading

locate the letter

write it down.

Read loudly

Reading aloud will support your child to see how written words are linked to the spoken words. It will help them to see how individual sounds are related to print letters and letter combinations.

Play games: Play-based learning

Frequent spelling and word games (Hang Man, Scrabble) with the older children who would pronounce very slowly and properly, strongly emphasising all the consonants and syllables, and discovering new words and their pronunciation.

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